My Thoughts On: The Call of Duty: WWII Announcement

Boy, at one point, I thought this day would never come. Yet it has. And in glorious fashion. Call of Duty, my favorite first person shooter series, is finally going back to World War II. Not really the war that made the series famous, but the war that gave the series its start.

A few days ago (the 26th of April, to be exact), Sledgehammer Games hosted a livestream from London to fully but not fully unveil the first trailer, some information, and even some multiplayer and zombies teasers.

Let’s start with the campaign. In the past few installments, the big bad guy is played by a Hollywood celebrity, but in this instance, it’s actually the player character and his squad members that are the stars of the show. Josh Duhamel headlines a cast of three, along with Johnathan Tucker and Jeffrey Pierce.

From what they showed in the trailer, that fantastic WWII sound and grit is back. I’m not really big on the whole super detailed analysis thing, but man, when that M1 Garand pinged for the first time, it was almost as if we had never left the battlefields of World at War.

They also showed a teaser for what I can only assume to be a Nazi Zombies mode. Quite honestly, I’m tired of playing zombies as the third mode in Call of Duty. The last game in the series without zombies was Ghosts. Sure, you could say Extinction was zombies with aliens, but it still felt fresh enough to not get boring. Playing zombies these days feels more like endless hunts for hidden puzzles instead of just pumping some lead into the undead. The survival aspect has completely been neutralized.

And then, of course, the bread and butter, the thing most people come to the series for; the multiplayer. Not much was revealed (of course), but what was revealed is certainly of some interest. A gathering hub a la the Tower in Destiny called Headquarters (not to be confused with the awesome gamemode that was sadly taken from us in favor of Hardpoint) was announced. It also sounds like Mission Teams (one of the few good features from Infinite Warfare) will return in this game in the form of Divisions. I could be completely wrong on that. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Another multiplayer feature, War (again, not to be confused with the other awesome gamemode that only returned as Momentum in Advanced Warfare and disappeared again), was described a little bit. I’ll go ahead and make another assumption here and say that this sounds just like Operations from Battlefield 1, but that’s not a negative thing. I quite enjoyed that mode. Give me shorter matches in that classic Call of Duty style, and we’ll be set.

There still are some questions to be answered, of course. Will supply drops be in this game? What will that content be like? Crazy skins, weapons, taunts, and immersion-breaking character customization? Is a season pass, if it follows the standard formula of 4 DLC map packs, really necessary in this age of gaming, where the best idea is to not split people up with multiple paywalls?

We’ll get more answers at E3. Multiplayer will be revealed there. Earlier than usual. People rag on me all the time for enjoying this series and not missing a single installment. But as far as I’m concerned, with it finally going back to WWII, that’s reason enough to be excited again. And that’s good enough for me.


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