My Thoughts On: The EA E3 2017 Press Conference

So much for one article a week, huh? Anyway, the best time of the year for gaming is here; E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo. And to kick everything off, Electronic Arts held their press conference today.

If I’m being honest, I thought it was pretty boring. E3 is usually about big surprises and shock reveals, and aside from possibly the new IP from Bioware (which was leaked to be appearing a few hours ahead of time, so I guess that wasn’t a surprise either), there was none of that to be found here. That doesn’t mean I think the games showcased sucked or are worthless, it was just a bunch of stuff we’ve already seen.

I’ll start with the positives. Need For Speed: Payback. My goodness this looked great. The graphics looked clean, the racing looked smooth, and the takedowns reminded me of that one game… what was it again? Oh yeah, Burnout 3: Takedown. That combined with the Fast And Furious vibes, made this game instantly shoot up my radar.

Then there was A Way Out. A co-op prison break-esque game coming to the EA Originals program. Forced co-op. Even though I don’t have a couch (or a friend, ha) to play it with, I was still intrigued watching the whole thing. Quite a unique concept having gameplay going while someone else is watching a cutscene on the same screen.

Then, as previously mentioned, Bioware announced their new IP coming in Spring of 2018; Anthem. Cool name. More going to be revealed at the Microsoft press conference tomorrow. Can’t wait for that. I’m certainly interested. We need more new IPs this generation, and fast.

And finally, I’ll just quickly mention that all DLC, modes, and other things coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II are going to be free in order to avoid splitting up the community. This is fantastic news. I wish more AAA titles would follow this model (I’m looking at you, Battlefield and Call Of Duty).

Everything else just wasn’t doing it for me. They had their standard sports section, focusing endless time on FIFA and Madden. They had a segment on upcoming DLC to Battlefield 1, which, while it did look interesting, just isn’t enough to get me back into that game. And finally they ended the show with tons of Battlefront II footage and coverage. I understand their reasoning for focusing on that game, but EA has just about every developer under their umbrella working on a Star Wars game these days, so I would have loved to have seen more from one of those.

So hey, that was day one. I fully plan on having one of these articles up after the Microsoft, Bethesda, Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo press conferences. The Bethesda and Sony ones will probably be up the day after, especially since Bethesda made the bizarre decision to start their event at 12AM Eastern.

Let’s hope they are all better than what we got today. I have faith.


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